Orca by Richard Peirce

On THURSDAY 31 October, we present Orca – The day the Great White sharks disappeared, by Richard Peirce, published by Struik Nature.

Great White sharks, attracted by an offshore seal colony, brought success to the fishing village of Gansbaai along the southern African coast. A flourishing shark cage diving industry sprang up, bringing jobs and money into the community. Tourists flocked to experience the thrill of a real-life brush with the legendary ‘Jaws’. Shark Town, as it became known, was booming. Then … the sharks disappeared. Word spread and crowds thinned while the community watched their livelihoods tail off. Entrepreneurs and scientists alike were baffled.

Soon, shark carcasses started washing up on the beaches. These, together with sightings of another apex predator in the vicinity, were the first leads to possible causes and culprits.

Join Richard Peirce and Don Pinnock as they explore this unfolding drama.

THURSDAY 31 October at 18:00 for 18:30

RSVP essential: email events@kalkbaybooks.co.za or call us on 021 7882266

PS: Bring a cushion and something warm as evenings can be chilly and this event will be held in the outside courtyard.